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URBAN unveils the City and its secrets - Vol. 01 / 2016

An overview of City stories told through street photography
81 photographers from URBAN 2015 (last year edition) / 22×22 cm book paperback / 192 color pages
See the book here for free. Pre-order a copy: info@dotart.it

Pictures by
Fabiola Sbano, Chellali Laurence, Adriana Świątek, Alessandro Biggi, Alessandro Pisani, Andrea Boccini, Andrea Falcon, Andrea Ricci, Angelo Farina, Aurelien Voldoire, Bartlomiej Jurecki, Brut Carniollus, Carla Fiorina, Cato Mørner, Chak Ho Leung, Daniele Ficarelli, Daniele Scarso, David Vergara, Davide Corona, Diego Bardone, Diego Pizi, Diego Ravalico, Eddie Wexler, Elena Cometti, Elena Preti, Federico Berti, Ferruccio Valtemara, Florin Flacau, Francesco Licandro, Francesco Luppi, Francesco Truzzi, Giancarlo Staubmann, Giorgio Andreaggi, Giorgio Cappiello, Giovanni Di Domenicantonio, Giuseppe Milo, Giuseppe Persia, Guichard Laetitia, Hans-Joerg Aleff, Helene Chandiok, Ioannis Lachanis, Jane Zhang, Javier Arcenillas, Jianwei Yang, Judit Ruprech, Katarzyna Krzykowska, Lisa Shalom, Luca De Rossi, Luigi Azzarone, Madiha Abdo, Magdalena Bednarska, Malgorzata Czerwien, Manakos Athanasio, Marc Gascoigne, Marco Tagliarino, Marilina Durante, Mario Velez, Martina Biccheri, Massimo Panzavolta, Matteo Capellini, Michal Koralewski, Michele Rieri, Mona Blank, Olah Laszlo-Tibor, Paolo Santarsiero, Philippa Stannard, Rafal Korban, René Piras, Roux Cedric, Sandip Bose, Silvio Lucchini, Stefano Siano, Stefano Spigolon, Tatsuo Suzuki, Tripler Roman, Tymon Markowski, Vendrame Loic, Vincenzo Di Savino, Vinko Bandelj, Yew Kiat Soh, Yuliy Vasilev.


Polish Photographer Monika Krzyszkowska is the winner of URBAN 2016 Photo Awards, promoted by Italian art association dotART together with Photographers.it. The second place goes to Italian photographer Milo Angelo Ramella, third to Tymon Markowski, from Poland.

First ranked in «Street Photography» theme is Hans-Jörg Aleff, from Germany, followed by Rob Krauss, from U.S.A. (2nd) Mariagrazia Beruffi (3rd), Eric Forey, from France (4th) and Olesia Kim, from Russia (5th).

First ranked in «Nature» theme is Alexander Otto, from Germany, followed by Emma Lozano, from Mexico (2nd), Antonio Martin, from Spain (3rd), Andrea Regazzoni, from Italy (4th), Angiolo Manetti (5th).

Ranking in «Sports» theme is: David Wirawan, from Singapore (1st), Sanak Roy Choudhury, from India (2nd), Eduardo Feldman, from Mexico (3rd), Maurizio Albertini (4th) and Natale Sottile (5th), both from Italy.

Winners of «Projects & Portfolio» section are: Alain Schroeder, from Belgium (1st), David Sharabani, from Thailand (2nd), Bartlomiej Jurecki, from Poland (3rd), Walter Rothwell, from Great Britain (4th) and Fernando Gómez Mateos, from Spain (5th).

URBAN’s partner Poreč Museum (Istria, Croatia), has selected portfolios by Luca Meola (Italy) and Alphan Yilmazmaden (Turkey) for a special exhibition from July 22nd to August 31st, together with the winner  Alain Schroeder, from Belgium.

Winners will share a € 4,000 prize value, 1,000 to the overall winner, and their picture will be published on prestigious international online photo magazines, as Vieworld, Fotopolis.pl and Street Photography Magazine.

The contest has seen more than 2.700 photos and 200 portfolios for 900 participants from all over the world (Italy, Mexico, India, Thailand, France, Russia, Poland, USA, Hungary and many more).

Final exhibition with official awards ceremony will be held in Trieste, Italy, in October, during the opening events of Trieste Photo Days 2016 festival.

The best ranked pictures of URBAN 2016 will be soon selected for summer exhibits in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.

PRIZES see all
  • » WINNER: € 1,300
  • » 2ND: € 500
  • » 3RD: € 300
  • » € 10 (First photo)
  • » + € 5 (Other photos)
  • » € 30 (Stories)
  • » Street Photography
  • » Nature
  • » Sports
Urban 2016

URBAN 2016 Photo Awards, international contest organized by dotART cultural association, will accept entries from Sunday February 14th, 2016.

Now in its seventh edition, URBAN has as its main theme daily life in the city, which is seen through street photography: real, instant images, that capture moments, people, faces and other elements capable of telling stories woven into the urban fabric. URBAN unveils the city and its secrets.

On the special section Projects & Portfolios you can propose a sequence of images that tell a story with a free subject.

To take part, just follow the instructions on the Upload page and the Projects & Portfolios page. Works must be submitted no later than May 31st, 2016 June 12, 2016. See rules.

Professional artists, photographers and communication experts will judge entries and choose the winners (jury members are currently being selected, with the final panel to be announced shortly). After the closure of the competition, works selected by the jury will receive awards and will then appear in a collective exhibit in Trieste, Italy, during Trieste Photo Days 2016.

Total prize value is more than € 4,000!

Daily life in the city seen through artistic street photograpy: real, instant images that capture moments, people, faces and other elements capable of telling stories woven into the urban fabric.
URBAN unveils the city and its secrets.

Photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

Photography that covers all types of sports, both professional and amateur, including extreme sports and urban sports.

Section in which you can propose a set of photos with a free subject: thematic portfolios, photojournalism and sequences of images that tell a story. The photographer is free to choose the topic, style, setting and subjects they prefer. Winning projects will be displayed in Zavičajni muzej Poreštine, in Porec, Istria (Croatia). [SEE RULES]

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